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Above Ground Magazine named Public Enemy one of the top 6 Hip-Hop comic books that got it right! Boy do they have good taste!

For more information on PUBLIC ENEMY check out this interview by Bill Baker for his BAKERS DOZEN column over at

PUBLIC ENEMY has made the WIZARD list, 42 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT INDIE COMICS IN 2006. The article starts on page 117 of issue #174 (which has some Chuck D art). Public Enemy ranks number 38 on page 134. Let's make this book a success Fam! Make sure to write to Wizard at and tell them that you loved the PE update and hope for more indepth articles, art and info.

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CBG Reviews The Retributors!

"There's no shortage of superhero titles out there, but writer / inker Adam Wallenta explores a different and interesting aspect: that superheroes, just like actors, singers, or professional athletes, have varying degrees of success and stardom. And he does it well, with tongue planted firmly in cheek"

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